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After being tagged by McWolfity <-----YOU.....

Ok lets see, My top 10 favorite films of all time for your eyes and your eyes alone......

- The Lion King: Not just because it was made the same year I was born, but its just a timeless classic and my personal favorite.
- The Fast and The Furious: Yes, I loved Pual and Vinn... and will continue to watch and love all of there sequel's. The first of the series is my favorite
- Rio: Yep, Yep, Yep. Love all the actors, love birds, love everything about this film, Rio 2 is just as good.
- Bad Boys II: As an avid action buff, Micheal Bays best film is my favorite, guns, will smith, explosions, Explosions!!!
- Saving Private Ryan: I have huge respect for the Military and WW2, so I loved all the intense and emotional moments in this film.
- 9: Wasn't a big movie, but it was a marvel of a story and was very interesting to watch, deffenatly awsometacular!
- Evil Dead (original): Bruce Fucking Cambell
- Terminator 2: All my yes, as far as science fiction films fuck yes!
- Wall-e: Too cute to not like, EEEEEEEeeeeeeevvvvvaaaaaa!!!
- Brave: As I am half irish I love my cultures history, and Yes, I know Brave is Scottish, as there neighbors its the fucking same! Plus cute bear cubs FTW!!

Alright that's all Ten films, agu!!! Now Skype me and watch Rio 2 you boob!

That is all, now go away so I can continue arting.
  • Listening to: Fast-n-Furious Soundtrack
  • Reading: Mlp Fanfics
  • Watching: Doctor Who, and Godzilla
  • Playing: Forza and Battlefield
  • Eating: Healthy shit
  • Drinking: Hard Cider
For the next bit of time Im going to start charging (cheaply) for my art, Please its just to pay for some soon to be late bills, as soon as im clear monetarily the prices will go away. Thank you and please don't hate or leave!! Love you all!! Commission Price sheet by ktheman1911
A story to tell:

    Charmed Clover, Born in Dubmare Ireland he is half Irish, moved to the city of Manehatten at a young age with his parents. At his young age he couldn't go to school yet so when his parents had to go to work they entrusted their neighbors to babysit, which is where the Orange's come into his life. The Clovers lived in an apartment complex, fast forward a couple years until a small filly by the name of Applejack came into the mix. Charmed and Applejack became great friends over time, being the only fillies in the apartment and not being old enough to go outside by themselves they were all they had. As the weeks turned to months Charmed began to like Applejack more and more until he had worked up the nerve to ask her out on a date, coincidentally at the same exact time as the Event (Dash's sonic rainboom). After the sub-sequential boom and power had come back on Charmed knocked on the door to the Orange's expecting Applejack to answer, The news of Applejacks departure without so much as a "good bye" devastated Clover but didn't break his spirit. Hours afterwards Clover packed up his belongings said his goodbyes to his parents determined to find that Applemare he so loved, And with some helpful pointers he set out for Ponyville....
    Bringing you to present day, After finding Applejack had moved back in with her family Charmed decided that he should set up shop in the small but growing town of Ponyville, if he was ever be with AppleJack it would be best to have some bits. Waiting for the right time to ask out the mare that got away!

THE END... so far!